The custom of giving, of selfless generosity in support of worthy causes that sustain the Greater Community, has traditionally been considered a spiritual activity fundamental to the individual's self-development.  Such is the notion of dana or generosity in the Buddhist tradition, or zakat according to the Holy Quran.  Charitable giving is especially commendable in support of a sacred cause.  Such is the mission of the Foundation for the Law of Time.

To bring the knowledge of the New Time to all of humanity by means of the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar and the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan is a sacred endeavor.  To bring the entire human species into the universal frequency of natural time by 2012 makes the implementation of the Law of Time a matter of spiritual urgency. Whatever you can give, know that your generosity is in support of the creation of a New Earth - the regeneration of human society, the restoration of the biosphere and the advent of the noosphere.

Your donations will help: in the printing and distribution of pocket calendars, in the development of educational programs, in the support of experimental natural time land bases, in the creation of educational caravans, in the funding of diplomatic peace missions, in the financing of research and development programs in the science and culture of time, in the making and distribution of banners of peace, and in providing for the publication of new educational literature about the Law of Time.

Traveler Dreamspell Emergency!
Support the Launching of Timeship Earth 2013

You who have a Dreamspell kit and value how much you have learned from it, know how important the Dreamspell is for the establishment of galactic culture on Earth.  Now there is a new generation, and a traveler Dreamspell to go with it.  And we have a Dreamspell Emergency!

3000 Traveler Dreamspell Kits are now being produced in Hong Kong.  When those kits reach their destination we will need $17,000 to pay for the cost of printing and shipping. To raise this money by that time is a Dreamspell Emergency!

Dreamspell Kit Printing & Shipping Update

For those of you who have ordered a traveler Dreamspell kit We appreciate your patience. Unfortunately there has been a delay in the printing but the Traveler Dreamspell should be going to the press very soon and we expect to be mailing them out by early 2004. We are doing a joint printing with the Japanese edition and translation has been taking longer than anticipated.

Thank you for your understanding it will be well worth the wait!

Don’t hold back now. The Dreamspell is your future.  Remember it’s all about Timeship Earth 2013, and the Captain is calling, “All aboard!”

Yes, I want a Traveler Dreamspell Kit. Reserve kit(s) for me at $26 per kit

I have a Dreamspell kit, but I want others to have one too.
Accept my donation to support the launching of Timeship Earth 2013.


Contributions to the Foundation for the Law of Time, a public charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are tax-deductible donations.

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